With over 400 pages and 600 climbing routes, this is the REAL Maple Canyon Guide, written by Darren Knezek and Christian Knight.  This all-inclusive guide contains every single route in Maple Canyon as well as the Sanpete Valley.  This book has the real names of every climb, as well as the name of the first ascentionist. The maps to get to the crags are highly detailed, and the topos of each crag not only show the location of each route, but also the location of each bolt.  The route descriptions tell you the name of the route,  and the grade of the climb based on a large consensus of those who have actually redpointed the route. Each description also includes the number of quickdraws needed for the entire route. This book contains over 20 crags not found online or in ANY written literature.  Buy now at $32.95!
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